School of Hotel Management

The enormous growth of the hospitality industry is providing an array of rewarding positions to the qualified personnel. The need to obtain a valid hospitality management degree from a reputable school is emphasized, with ample opportunities to get placements in hotels, event planning, resort clubs, restaurants, cruise lines, lodging, casinos and theme parks.

Sihmt creates plenty of opportunities for the advancement of the students to excel in the hospitality industry. If you are energetic, enjoy serving others, have management skills and leadership abilities, then Sihmt supports you in every aspect to enter the global hospitality industry.

We have a wide range of hospitality management courses and degrees, which you can choose according to your specific interest and improve excellence.

We offer Hospitality management degree at various levels including:

•Bachelor’s Degree

•Postgraduate diploma

•Master’s Degree

•Certificate courses and more...

In addition to providing theoretical classes, we also stress on the importance of improving practical experience along with foreign language skills. Therefore, we create a wonderful opportunity for our students to gain relevant and enough practical experience while they study at Sihmt.

Our Hospitality management degrees and certificate courses focus on:

•Current business strategies

•Global trends and

•Operational leadership

During your course period, we also create an exclusive opportunity for every student to take part in the International Recruitment forum to meet the leading personalities from top companies in the hospitality industry worldwide. This recruitment forum gets you an access to excellent career opportunities to work as full-time employment, internship or executive positions, management and corporate training in:


•Boutique hotels

•Renowned hotels

•Luxury resorts

•Amusement parks

•Catering companies