"Institute Facts:
Sihmt, is one of the popular global business management schools using the most flexible and innovative learning methods. Our unique learning approaches and educators will help achieving your goals by developing your skills and knowledge at every level of graduation. Sihmt conducts various programs and advisory services to benefit the students while they learn. We also create an excellent opportunity to work while learning, which improves your practical skills along with theory.

Sihmt Enrollment :
We encourage and create a favorable environment for our students to enroll in various academic programs including, undergraduate / graduate programs in business, administration, computational finance, doctoral level programs, economics programs and many more. Our facts with figure will establish the current scenarios of students enrolled in various programs and their ranking details.

Business and Education:
Sihmt functions with the core objective of building the capabilities of our students to achieve their career and business goals. A good education can accelerate an organization’s performance by developing business strategies through various new business approaches, activities and new behaviors. However, an intersection of both education and business is imperative for a successful performance. Keeping this in to our core consideration, we develop a highly professional learning environment, where students can perform in their chosen marketplace while they learn.

Facts about Sihmt:

•Founded: xxxx

•Dean: xxxxxxxxx

•Corporate partners: xx

Sihmt Faculty:

•Fulltime faculty: xx

•Part time or visiting faculty: xx

•Endowed faculty chairs: xx

•Alumni: xxxxx

Programs offered:

• Full time MBA – Two year MBA / One year MBA

• Executive MBA Programs

• PHD Programs

• Dual degree program

• Graduate programs: (Law, Industrial / Labor Relations, Real Estate, Hotel management)

• Certificate programs